Dusty Feldman is the Founder of Feldman Performance in Southeast Iowa.

Feldman works out of North Dodge Athletic Club as the Personal Training Director located in Iowa City, as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the West Liberty High School, a nutritional coach through Precision Nutrition, as well as his 24 hour gym located at 1107 North Elm Street in West Liberty, Iowa.

He is co-founder of Score BodyComp, a company that specializes in body composition analysis.

Feldman specializes in corrective exercise performance, helping facilitate clients and athletes from all areas of life to achieve their desired physique and varying performance goals.

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Virtual Group Classes Sign-in Info

I’d suggest having your equipment close by where you’ll be working out. If you’d like to foam roll, I’d get it done before the class starts.  I doubt everyone will...

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Virtual Group and Personal Training

I’ve sent out a lot of in home training options for people in the last handful of days but long term that doesn’t always seem to work well for most!...

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Feldman Performance Summer 2019 Youth/High School Programs

Youth Athletic Group Training Grades 3-6 *this will take place at Feldman Performance gym* Focus will be on developing superior movement patterns in running, jumping, landing, beginner resistance training technique,...

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“My goal was to make it back on the basketball court so I can play with my son, Dusty made that happen, and I’ve never been stronger and more confident with my body.”

—James McIntosh