Fee Schedule

24 Hour Gym

Individual Rates:   $42/month

Spouses/Partners Rates:    $74/month

Family Rates (Up to five family members) : $105/month**

**  For each family member over five, add an additional $15 per month. Children 15 and younger must be accompanied at all times by a parent or adult guardian when using the gym.


Group Classes

Individual Rates

Unlimited classes and 24 hour gym access – $115/month

Up to 8 classes per month – $90/month and optional $15 rate for 24 hour gym access

Up to 4 classes per month – $65/month and optional $20 rate for 24 hour gym access

Spouses/Partners and Family Rates

Discounted rates for multiple individuals are available.


Individual Training and Nutrition Coaching

Rates for individual sessions and nutrition coaching vary depending on the services needed and results desired. Please ask for a consultation if you have an interest.

All individual programs are defined as a number of sessions per week. Attempts will be made to schedule all sessions within an allotted 12 week period. Adjustments in schedule are circumstantial and will be determined by the trainer. Any unforeseen changes must be communicated as soon as possible to the trainer. Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. Missed appointments will not be rescheduled.